Fitness | Training | Jan 06 2019

Top five strength and conditioning exercises for boxing

Boxing Science's Danny Wilson provides the guide

2. Back Squat

Benefits of the Back Squat

* Strengthens the lower body and core. This has a large transfer to any sport that involves running, jumping, throwing or striking movements.

* Promotes a forceful hip extension, which important transferring force generated from floor to the hips and through to the core.

* Develops core strength, this is important for rotational velocity and effective mass during a punch.

* Can increase lean mass of the core, this is the most influential contributor to punching force.

* A large eccentric component to the lift will strengthen hamstrings and glutes, this develops an effective stretch shortening cycle whilst reducing the likelihood of injury.

* Studies show that the back squat improves jump height. From our own research, we know that the higher you jump is related to a harder punch, this is why the squat is prioritised in our strength programs.

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