Feature | Sep 22 2016

Top five next opponents for Roman Gonzalez

Roman Gonzalez has some exciting options

4. Shinsuke Yamanaka

Probably the most unlikely option on this list, but maybe the most tantalising. Gonzalez is Nicaragua’s first ever four-weight world champion – but imagine if he made it five. Yamanaka reings supreme at bantamweight with his WBC belt and is coming off a thrilling stoppage win over Anselmo Moreno.

However he looked vulnerable, hitting the deck during the fight, something that also happened in his fight before that against the limited Liborio Solis. At 33 Yamanaka is no spring chicken and has been turning back top-rated challengers since winning the title back in 2011. Although Gonzalez would be giving up natural size advantages, having started his career at strawweight, perhaps this is the right time to catch Yamanaka – not to mention the fact that Roman’s sublime talent would probably make him a betting favourite going in anyway.

However Gonzalez has expressed his desire to stick around at 115lbs for a little while, and there are certainly some mouth-watering matchups for him there…