Fitness | Nutrition | Training | Sep 01 2015

Top 5 physical tests a boxer must do

Top strength and conditioning coach Ric Moylan reveals the five physiological things a boxer must keep an eye on
Body-fat testing with calipers
Young man meassuring his body fat

THE proof of the pudding is in the eating although it’s not very often a boxer actually gets to eat a pudding. But that’s not what this article is about. I’m talking about proof. Or evidence is perhaps a better description.

When I began my career working with professional fighters I would often hear the fighter being told phrases such as “You are getting fitter”, or “You are punching harder than in your last training camp.” Now this may well have been the case. But the reality was that as a team we did not know if any of the statements we were making regarding their physical progress were actually true; they were all subjective and not evidence-based. As a team we needed to know that the training methods we were using were actually benefiting our fighters, and increasing their chances of success in the ring.

Here are the five things that a fighter should be testing: