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Top 5 delicious cheat recipes to start the new year

Top nutritionist Marc Fell ushers in the new year with 5 'cheat' recipes to substitute for festive indulgence

4. Fruity frozen yoghurt


• Small handful of frozen mango cubes

• 1 small banana

• Small handful of frozen raspberries

• Small handful of frozen blueberries

• 250g of Greek yoghurt (0% fat)

• 1/2 tbsp of honey


1. Pour Greek yoghurt into blender.

2. Chop banana in small slices and place in blender with rest of frozen fruit.

3. Add honey to mix in blender.

4. Blend! It may be difficult to blend due to the thick consistency so stop blending every 10 seconds and mix with wooden spoon and resume blending until mix is smooth and consistent.

5. Serve.

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Marc Fell BSc (hons), MSc
Twitter: @MarcFell1

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