If either of us is a household name, it’s me. I’ve topped bills and packed out arenas – I don’t think Quigg’s ever topped a bill. Did he even top the bill when he fought Kiko Martinez, or was that Anthony Crolla?

Carl Frampton questions Scott Quigg’s name recognition.


I’ve had four pints of banter juice this morning. I’m the Archbishop of Banterbury, and I’m ready to go.

Promoter Eddie Hearn reveals the secret to his promotional success.


You’re getting a facelift?!

A fan at the Belfast press conference offers a hilarious response when Hearn announces he has some ‘bad news’ for them.


You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. You’re a nonsense eejit. You’re a fool.

Barry McGuigan launches a scathing attack on Joe Gallagher after the latter references one of McGuigan’s career defeats.


I call him Pinocchio. He lied and it shocked me.

Scott Quigg comes up with a nickname for Frampton after Carl denied claims that he had been knocked out in sparring.


You’re a good fighter but you’re in Manchester and the same thing that happened to Barry the last time he fought in Manchester will happen to you – it will end in a loss.

Gallagher riles McGuigan by telling Frampton he will lose on the night.


The fear of losing, I have said it all along. Nobody wants to get up at this time and get out of bed, the body is not built for that. But for some reason, I can spring out of bed because the fear of failure and fear of losing is what drives me on and that is why I do what I do and I love what I do.

Quigg gives a refreshingly honest answer when queried on what motivates him.


My explanation of arrogance is Eddie Hearn and Joe Gallagher.

Frampton defines words using his own dictionary.


Barry [McGuigan] couldn’t be involved in the negotiations because it wouldn’t have happened [if he was]. These people work off emotions, but I’m just cold. I don’t look at these people in a negative or positive way, I look at them as a part of the jigsaw to benefit the career of Scott Quigg. We’ve got them where we want them, we’ll win the fight on February 27, then we’ll move on. If you work off emotion rather than common sense and business ethics, it doesn’t make sense.

Hearn sheds some light on the negotiations for the fight, and how he deals with other promoters.


He likes to be in control. His team likes to be in control as well. We’ve taken that control away from them, they are not in charge.

Quigg insists he and his team are winning the pre-fight mind games.


The only reason Scott Quigg is with Eddie Hearn is because I left Eddie Hearn. It’s a fickle business. When I was with Hearn, I was going to knock Quigg out now it’s the other way around.

Frampton sets the cat amongst the pigeons by claiming Quigg’s team did not previously have faith in their man.


They went over to America, thinking they could crack it. They only took 15 people and he [Frampton] was up and down like a yo-yo. They came back to England knowing the only way they could make a big fight is by fighting me.

Quigg feels the only reason the fight is happening is because Frampton was dropped in his last fight with Alejandro Gonzalez Jnr.


I feel that Scott Quigg should be a little bit embarrassed in how he’s actually – you know, if we can say ‘won’ world titles.  I don’t know if he’s actually won them.  He’s been handed them.

Frampton jabs at the WBA belt Quigg holds, which was stripped from Guillermo Rigondeaux.


I went through my entire career without having somebody like Carl has got. I hadn’t got anybody at the same weight who was an equally good competitor that I could fight. They’ve both got each other and that’s going to benefit the boxing public and the wider public at large because this is reaching beyond boxing.

Barry McGuigan comments on the impact of the fight.


Quigg looks great against non-punchers, but he doesn’t look good against punchers, he gets terrified. Carl’s a ballsy bastard, he believes in himself. Quigg got rocked a few times by Salinas from jabs and tucked up and gave away far too many rounds – if he does that against Carl, he’s getting smashed up.

Shane McGuigan gives a brief analysis of Quigg as a fighter.


Carl Frampton can only do one of two things – he’ll come forward like he did against Chris Avalos or he’ll revert to his amateur style like he did against Kiko Martinez. He calls it ‘bamboozling’, I call it running.

Gallagher offers the same for Frampton.


His lack of intelligence outside of the ring reflects on how he fights inside the ring. He has that down as one of his strengths but I have it down as one of his weaknesses.

Frampton delivers a low blow to Quigg.


Frampton and Quigg are both cowards for finding ways to avoid the best in their division. We wait in anticipation to see if the winner of a great fight between them would step up and step in the ring with me, so the whole world can see who the best 122lb fighter is.

Division leader Guillermo Rigondeaux jumps right into the thick of it and throws down the gauntlet to both men.


I always wanted the fight to happen but there was a point I thought it never would. I can go and box anyone for big dough, sell out arenas. I didn’t need to fight him but I wanted to. Of course I’m making more money than I’ve ever made before, but he’s making a lot more than he ever has before.

Frampton reveals he almost gave up on hope on fighting Quigg.


We’re lucky to have each other, that rivalry. We need this, and we need it now. We’re both in our prime. Look at Mayweather-Pacquiao, it happened too late. If that fight happened even three years earlier it’s a completely different fight.

Quigg perfectly sums up his meeting with Frampton.