Top 10 fights from boxing’s Mexico-Puerto Rico rivalry

Mexico and Puerto Rico have long been passionate rivals in the fight game

2. Miguel Cotto v Antonio Margarito (2008-2011)
Although two fights rather than one, the feud between these two went beyond their native rivalry.

In 2008, Mexico’s Margarito bludgeoned Cotto in 11 rounds to take his WBA world welterweight crown, however the fight ended in controversy. After a positive start, Cotto was hurt in the seventh by several uppercuts which bloodied his nose and mouth.

The Puerto Rican warlord succumbed to the onslaught of punishment in the 11th, twice taking a knee, prompting his corner to throw in the towel.

However, in his next fight, with Shane Mosley, Margarito was found to have loaded hand wraps. Cotto, among many others, has since accused ‘The Tijuana Tornado’ of using such wraps against him in 2008, thus cheating.

Three years later, Cotto earned his revenge.

Just as he had in their first fight, Cotto dominated the early rounds but this time Margarito’s blows did not seem to have the same effect they did in 2008. Cotto was spiteful in his attacks and caused grotesque swelling around Margarito’s right eye, which Manny Pacquiao injured in their fight the previous year.

After nine rounds, referee Steve Smoger ended proceedings due to the swelling and Margarito has not fought since.

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