Opinion | Feb 06 2018

Tony Jeffries: The most valuable lesson I learned

In his Letter from America, Tony Jeffries asks, 'What would you do if you were not afraid?'
Tony Jeffries
Tony Jeffries v Nathan King  |  Action Images

I will never forget the time when I first came to LA and I was in the Britannia Pub in Santa Monica and I somehow got speaking to a little Irishman. I know this sounds like it’s turning into a joke, but it’s not. What this man said to me really changed my whole way of thinking and, I guess, my life for that matter.

I asked him why he was there and what he was doing. He was very secretive and I couldn’t get much out of him but, mysteriously, he was telling me he would stay here for a month, fly to Australia for a couple of months and never go back to Ireland… You could tell he was very wise and street smart and he asked why I was in Los Angeles.

I told him the story about how I trained in LA, loved the place and had applied for my Green Card just before retiring from boxing. I also told him about my Olympic success and told him “I was lucky”.


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