EXCLUSIVE Dave Coldwell breaks down Tony Bellew vs David Haye

Tony Bellew vs Davd Haye
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Ahead of Tony Bellew vs David Haye, trainer Dave Coldwell pinpoints what will be the 'Hayemaker's' downfall. Jack Figg reports

AHEAD of Tony Bellew vs David Haye, Dave Coldwell, Bellew’s trainer, has cited “one man knows he can beat the other, and one man doesn’t know what he can do” ahead of Saturday night’s rematch with David Haye.

Coldwell believes his team have the advantage going into the rematch as they have already proved they can win, while Haye still has to question whether he can beat Bellew.

“One man knows he can beat the other, and one man doesn’t know what he can do,” Coldwell told Boxing News. “He’s a wounded animal. You backup a lion into the corner and he’s going to fight back, and that’s what I expect.

“He wants to rewrite history and turn the clock back. He says that every time in his last few fights, no matter who’s in his corner or who’s his coach he’s always better than what he was.”

Coldwell, who has trained Bellew since 2014, believes Haye’s inactivity could be a deciding factor in the result come Saturday.

“Ultimately when was his last really good performance?” Coldwell said.

“Just before he knocked out [Dereck] Chisora did you not see his chest heaving in the corner and, what was that, about round five when he knocked him out?

“But how long ago was Chisora? We’re talking six years ago.

“This is what I’m saying, he’s taken a long time out, he’s had inactivity and in the fights he’s had since then he didn’t perform like the old David Haye.”

Despite causing an upset after defeating Haye in March of last year, and claiming the WBC cruiserweight championship at Goodison Park in 2016, Coldwell believes Bellew is continuing to develop in all aspects.

Coldwell said, “I said this before the last fight, and I‘ll say it again, Bellew is getting better, he’s getting better in every category.

“I see everything he’s doing, his boxing ability getting better, his mind is getting better, his brain is getting better.

“Ultimately as a package he might not be as flash and as flamboyant and look as great as someone like David Haye but there is more substance there when it comes down to it as a fighting package.”

Tony Bellew vs David Haye

During the open workout, Bellew reiterated the fact he is not a natural heavyweight and having previously stated the winner of the World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight final is a targeted next opponent, Coldwell refused to confirm whether a move back down in weight has been decided.

Coldwell said,, “We have mentioned it but it’s been mentioned in passing.

“Almost like telling someone you’ll phone them next week, it’s been said, but you haven’t confirmed what time or what date.

“It’s kind of like that, we’ve said things like; that’s an option, and he’s an option, and he’s an option but nothing has been confirmed.”

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