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Told he was the son of a prostitute and a rapist, Frank Grant defied his past to become British champion

Bradford's Frank Grant used a turbulent upbringing as the fuel to stop Herol Graham in a 1992 British middleweight title fight, writes Terry Dooley
Frank Grant vs. Herol Graham (Action Images)

WE are products of our environment. We can either begin an incremental process of knowing who we are, where we came from, and what that made us into or you can escape and start afresh. Former British middleweight Champion Frank Grant, 22-4 (17), opted for the second option when moving away from his native Bradford 15 years ago.

Grant now lives in a sleepy street in Yorkshire, a quiet man unobtrusively going about his life. After meeting me at the station with his beloved dog, Whit, the 54-year-old drove us to his home.

If you search for details of his life after boxing two incidents of assault come up: a domestic common assault conviction in 1996 that he strongly disputes, and a GBH with intent charge in 2001 to which he pleaded guilty and received four years for in 2002.


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