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On this day 55 years ago the Olympic Games began in Tokyo

Chris Kempson recalls the boxing tournament at the 1964 Olympic Games, including Joe Frazier being unleashed on the world
Olympic Games
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THE Japanese capital, Tokyo was the first Asian city to host the summer Olympics in 1964. The Games took place from 10-14 October, so some calendar purists, might have even termed them “the autumn games.” Given that next year (2020), Japan will host the summer Olympics from July 24- August 9, let us reflect now on the achievements in the boxing ring, all those years ago. Indeed, had it not been for World War 11, Japan had been scheduled to host the summer Games of 1940 which did not take place and they had to wait until 1964 to make their Olympic bow. First, we will look at some of the facts surrounding the Games and then we will look at those who won some of the medals and their individual achievements. So come and join me please.

The 1960s, were a continuing part of the “Cold War” syndrome, often played out in Europe and beyond between countries in the East and West and their respective political and social ideologies – a battle if you like between the respective values of communism and democracy to give political credence and ultimately dominance, across the globe.

The Tokyo Games saw 287 male boxers from 59 countries weigh in and boxing took place in the newly built Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. The youngest boxer was Brazilian light-middleweight, Luiz Fabre at a mere 16 years and 233 days; the oldest being the late Johnny “Kingston” Elliott, also a light-middleweight, from Jamaica boxing at the grand old age of 33 years and 128 days. Both men lost in their opening bouts, but they were Olympians and no one can ever take this away from them.


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