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Boxing Science: Three ways to improve movement and mobility

Danny Wilson provides the essential information

Shoulder Mobility for Boxing

Want to punch harder with both hands and be injury free?

Following our 10 week training cluster, our experts found a 11% increase in estimated P4P punch force for the left punch, used as a jab for our orthodox fighters. This resulted in a 16% reduction in punch imbalance. In a separate comparison, a professional boxer showed a massive 32% reduction between left and right punches.

Furthermore following eight weeks of movement training, mean overall FMS scores increased by 9%. Stand out improvements were seen in overhead squat(2.1 vs 2.6 out of 3) left shoulder mobility (1.62 vs 2.8 out of 3) (pre vs post).

This proves that our programs help a boxer move better and become more balanced, hitting harder with both hands.

Shoulder problems?

It is quite common that boxers have poor shoulder mobility. During a functional movement screen (FMS) with amateur boxers, they scored low on both left and right shoulder mobility (1.62 out of 3) .

Poor shoulder mobility often creates over-active anterior deltoid and upper traps, causing the middle and lower traps become weak which affects  the natural movement of the shoulder and arm. This can also cause shoulder impingement, rotator cuff weakness/injuries and lower-back injuries.

WATCH: Shoulder Mobility Circuit

Check out this shoulder mobility circuit, focusing on thoracic extension, upward retraction and thoracic rotation. This will make you feel fresher and looser for a hard, dynamic punch.

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