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Three ways to gain muscle and speed

Boxing Science's Danny Wilson looks at three different strength and conditioning methods to help boxers gain muscle and speed when moving up weight categories

Step 2: Cluster Training

Cluster training is where a set is broken up into multiple blocks, allowing the athlete to have recovery periods in between reps.

Example: 4 reps, rest 20 seconds, 4 reps = 1 set

This allows an athlete to lift higher weight loads for more repetitions; this can give you great improvements in size and strength. Furthermore, high-threshold motor units and fast twitch fibres will be activated more than when traditional hypertrophy training due to higher forces exerted (increased weight).

When have we used this?

We used Cluster training to help light-middleweight prospect Sam Sheedy on his way to an impressive first round TKO. We focused on getting Sam as strong as possible so he can perform at higher intensities.

Sam has improved massively in such a short amount of time, improving his lower body force production by 7%, adding to the 29% improvement made in the previous last camp.

We wanted to get Sam as strong as he can, as quick as possible! However, this didn’t mean that we just load up the bar and get him lifting, we needed a structured, progressive program to help him achieve this without becoming too fatigued or even injured.

On key exercises such as Back Squat and Romanian Deadlift, we used Cluster Training sets.

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