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Three ways to gain muscle and speed

Boxing Science's Danny Wilson looks at three different strength and conditioning methods to help boxers gain muscle and speed when moving up weight categories

Three ways to gain muscle and speed: Step 1

Step 1: Keep Speed in the Program

Make sure you keep some sort of strength-speed/speed exercises in the program to maintain/increase speed. This might slow down hypertrophy, making the gains in mass slower but you will be faster so it’s a good trade-off.

Ballistic exercises (loaded jumps, kettlebell swing) and plyometric exercises are great to involve. However, Olympic lifting should be preferred when bulking due to the mechanical tension and eccentric demand (in the catch). Go for slightly higher volumes, 5 reps x 4-6 sets.

This is very dependent on technique, so check out the video below.

Also, keep in punch specific exercises such as the landmine punch throw to maintain speed and co-ordination during a punching action.

Click below for Step 2

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