WHO doesn’t want to punch hard? I think no matter whether you’re a world class boxer, a mother of three or eight-year-old kid, if you were given the choice to be able to punch harder, you’d choose it, right?

Punching is probably the best way to defend yourself as well if you ever needed to.

After retiring from boxing in 2012 being an undefeated professional and Olympic bronze medallist, I’ve either taught people or taught trainers how to teach thousands how to punch, and box, in the Box ’N Burn gyms in Los Angeles and with our Box ’N Burn Academy.

When I was a fighter, punching hard was one of my biggest assets. Teaching people how to punch hard can be pretty simple. I have noticed one of the hardest things to teach people, believe it or not, is how to breathe when boxing. It’s pretty natural to think holding breath, tensing up and swinging your arm will make you punch hard, but actually this will prevent you from punching hard. It will make you slower, use more energy and decrease natural power.

With these three tips, you will have no problem increasing your punch power. Watch below:

If you want to learn more about how to box and teach boxing check out our certification course: www.boxnburnacademy.com