ANTHONY JOSHUA fights are pay-per-view events. He will box again before the end of the year, probably in November. There could be two more pay-per-view shows coming to British screens in 2016; the potential showdown between Chris Eubank Jr and Gennady Golovkin and Kell Brook versus Jessie Vargas. The latter, a IBF and WBO welterweight unification clash, is still without an exact date. Golovkin-Eubank needs to be nailed down before the date for Kell Brook’s next fight can be confirmed.

“You’ve got a situation where you’ve got Eubank-Golovkin and you’ve got Brook-Vargas, both are pay-per-view fights. So you know the furthest they can go away from each other is four or five weeks because of when everybody wants to fight,” promoter Eddie Hearn said. “We’re on a deadline with Golovkin to make that fight.” Golovkin versus Eubank of course still needs to be signed. That will be decided over the coming days.

“With the Brook fight we’ve got that issue and we’ve got the US TV issue, in terms of who gets it out of us, Kell and Vargas and that’s what we’re arguing about. But both fighters have accepted that that’s the fight that’s going to happen. That’ll get worked out. It’s just a case of juggling out do we go early October with Brook, do we try and push the Golovkin fight back and go at the end of August with Brook? It’s very difficult because of course, and I think people accept, the only way those two fights can happen is on pay-per-view but no one wants a pay-per-view two weeks apart from each other. You have to give a distance and then you’ve got [Anthony] Joshua towards the end of the year. There were always going to be two pay-per-views on the back half of the year. Can we do three? But I don’t think we necessarily answer that. I think that’s fight dependent. I can’t see anyone complaining about Golovkin-Eubank.”

Before boxing Golovkin became a possibility Eubank was expected to box on the Kell Brook undercard in Sheffield. “It’ll have a strong card but you’re talking about in my opinion the best welterweight in the world in a unification fight. It doesn’t do as many numbers as Eubank-Golovkin but it’s a big fight and we’ve invested a lot in Kell Brook over the years so we need to get there and we need to have those fights. You’re not going to get Jessie Vargas coming over for $300,000 so you do it on a Saturday fight night. It’s just the way it is,” Hearn said, suggesting for the Brook bill “Jamie McDonnell against Guillermo Rigondeaux possibly, Dillian Whyte against Dave Allen… Now without Eubank it’ll free up another potential slot for probably a world championship fight.”