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Thomas Stalker reflects on bringing his career to a close

Thomas Stalker was a world class amateur, but he couldn't make it happen as a pro. He speaks with brutal honesty to John Dennen about coming to the end
Thomas Stalker
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

THE end is never expected. A fighter, especially one who has enjoyed success, wants to keep going. The determination, which drove them through the hard years of their career, spurs them forward. It will encourage them to continue on regardless. But reality has to bite.

After losing to Sean “Masher” Dodd, Thomas Stalker knew it was over.

“I said before the fight if he beats me I won’t fight again, because I still say now that he’s not the best fighter. So to beat me what does that make me?” Stalker tells Boxing News. “I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought I’m not going to get past British level, European level. I’m not going to be in a fight for a world title. I don’t think I was good enough to fight for a world title. So I thought why take the punches? When there’s life after boxing.”


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