Feature | Mar 28 2018

Thirty minutes with Anthony Joshua

Matt Christie sits alongside Anthony Joshua as he addresses the media ahead of his unification showdown with Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker
anthony joshua  |  Action Images

WHAT’S not to like about the big guy to my left? A tight tracksuit’s dream, Anthony Joshua is charming and polite and his earthy and earnest laugh brings smiles to the faces of all who hear it.

He stands to shake the hand of everyone in the room, bar the cooler few who opt to bump the thinly gloved fists of the IBF and WBA heavyweight king. And then, if all reporters aren’t yet suitably seduced, he takes his seat and asks each of them how they are.

Just like always, Anthony Joshua is attentive to the questions that soon follow and, whether truly interested or not, canvases the opinions of those asking them.