Feature | Premium | Jul 15 2019

There’s only one Sweet Pea

Thomas Gerbasi caught up with Pernell Whitaker last year. The great man discussed his unique style and legacy in the sport with Boxing News
Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker  |  Action Images/Reuters

PERNELL WHITAKER, the trainer, doesn’t have any big names under his wing these days. There’s no Zab Judah, no Calvin Brock, or any of the other contenders and prospects that he once worked with for varying lengths of time.

“Not right now,” said Whitaker to Boxing News. “I’m just waiting to see what’s going on. If somebody needs my help, I’m available. But I’m more interested in watching the young kids fight, getting ready for the Olympics coming up.”

It’s no surprise, really, because Pernell Whitaker, the boxer, had gifts and a work ethic that are hard, if not impossible, to impart to others unless the recipient wants it as bad as he does.


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