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The world according to John Fury

'Boxing all comes down to money, power, greed, and glory.' Tyson’s father John Fury tells Terry Dooley why he never wants to be interviewed again
John Fury
Tyson Fury - WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO Heavyweight Champion homecoming press conference  |  Action Images

“THIS is the last interview I’m going to do in boxing, I’ve had my fill of it,” declared John Fury when Boxing News caught up with him. “I’ll probably never talk to my brother Peter again in my lifetime — all because of boxing. That’s why I’ve taken a rain check. Boxing all comes down to money, power, greed, and glory. Life should be built on respect and love, nothing else is more important.”

The fracture with Peter stems from the split between Tyson and his uncle, which was made official last year when the heavyweight announced his comeback.

The other cause of Fury’s disengagement with the sport his family has always been in involved with is what he believes is a complicit attempt by promoters, managers, and sanctioning bodies to deny fans the evenly-matched fights that they demand so that they can keep making money for themselves.