Feature | Mar 30 2018

The truth about drug testing for Alexander Povetkin vs. David Price

Alexander Povetkin and David Price didn't undertake a single drug test while preparing for Saturday's (March 31) controversial heavyweight fight, writes Elliot Worsell
Alexander Povetkin
Alexander Povetkin  |  Action Images/Lee Smith

“THIS fight shouldn’t be happening,” said the coach whose fighter is about to participate in the very fight he believes shouldn’t be happening. “It just shouldn’t. It leaves you with a dirty feeling.”

Joe McNally, the coach, never encouraged his boxer, David Price, to swerve Saturday’s (March 31) bout against Alexander Povetkin, a Russian who has twice failed drug tests, but struggled with it, morally, when it was signed two months ago. Now, having realised there has been no drug testing at all during their respective training camps, he is sick to the stomach.

“There’s been no testing involved in this whatsoever,” McNally revealed to Boxing News this afternoon (March 29). “David certainly hasn’t been tested. He could have been eating f*****g tons of Canelo Alvarez’s Mexican meat if he wanted to.