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The solution to boxing scoring?

How technology might help address the issues with boxing scoring, writes John Dennen
boxing scoring
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THERE are always scoring controversies in boxing. The 2016 Olympic Games stirred up intense debate and of course professional boxing is hardly immune. But perhaps new technology could be the solution.

Boxing News spoke to Athletec’s Charles Burr, the creator of CORNER, a small device which folds into handwraps and is designed to measure the number punches thrown as well as their power and accuracy. CORNER has a function for sparring which calculates landed blows. Burr explained how that could be adapted into a new scoring system.

“It’s in development at the moment, it’s something that we’ve tested before. Essentially it’s just an extension of the system,” he said. “We’re able to detect different types of punches, we can dig deeper and actually look into how those punches are landing and start to see if it’s a clean hit, whether it’s a blocked hit or whether it’s a complete miss, all stuff that we can get out of the data, out of the signal. That’s something we have actually had developed but the main thing is putting time into testing and getting it reliable and 100% accurate.”


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