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The science behind Kell Brook

Alan Ruddock details the work Boxing Science has done with IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook
kell brook
Kell Brook  |  Action Images/Carl Recine

Boxing Science’s Alan Ruddock writes about how the team at Sheffield Hallam University supported Kell on his way to becoming IBF Welterweight world champion. The original article appeared in The Conversation:

Whether you watched on TV or were there in person you most likely saw the lights, the ring-walk, the fight and if you’re a Kell Brook or British boxing fan shared the shear exhilaration of the ringmasters final announcement, “…the winner by majority decision, and the NEW IBF WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD…”. The first British boxer in 28 years to win a world-title in the USA from an unbeaten American fighter, Shawn “Showtime” Porter.

But for Kell Brook, his family and the Ingle gym, the lights that dazzled at 8 pm Saturday August 16 2014 have shone bright for the past 20 years in Kell Brook’s talent. His victory was the culmination of 20 years of hard work and support – and of course a sprinkling of science. Over the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of being Kell Brook’s and Team Ingle’s sport scientist. The path to world dominance is often portrayed as a series of successive linear steps, but it rarely occurs in a straight-line, and I’d be surprised if any athlete has had more up and downs and sideways steps as Kell Brook over the past 2 years. OnJuly 7 2012, Brook fought another American, Carson Jones in what was supposed to be a routine victory (if anything of the sort exists in sport), but Jones had other ideas and took Brook all 12 rounds in a brutal encounter that required both fighters to be hospitalised after the contest – Kell Brook the winner on points and subsequently a patient requiring medical treatment.


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