Fitness | Training | Feb 23 2016

The Ronda Rousey Effect: Judo in MMA (Part 2)

Martin Potter talks to former British international female Judoka turned MMA professional, Emma Delaney, about her transition between the two sports, training and, of course, Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey MMA
Ronda-Rousey  |  Action Images

IN the first part of this article, Fighting Fit learned that whilst Ronda Rousey’s MMA exploits have made some impact in the judo world, some of the traditionalists in the sport do not view Mixed Martial Arts in a particularly positive light. This time I got a different perspective on MMA from the world of judo as judoka turned MMA fighter, Emma Delaney, talked openly about her experiences in MMA so far.

Emma first learned judo at Metro judo club, whose respected coach Mick Murphy spoke to me in part one. Emma has the distinction of holding a victory over her contemporary Ronda Rousey in judo (although Emma was modest enough to stress that Ronda also beat her as well) and started in MMA at around the same time, but found it a little trickier than the American superstar.

“I was asked to attend a gym in Gravesend by somebody I was working with. They wanted me to come down as I did judo and had just won a silver in the Commonwealths and they were like ‘we just want to learn how to do some throwing’. I went to the gym and it was part ring, part cage and they said they did BJJ there and MMA – cage fighting basically – and they said everything they do is in the cage.