GERMAINE BROWN was not expected to win. He was the unbeaten prospect but he was travelling to Minsk to fight seasoned Russian Dmitrii Chudinov. Prior to this the only place Brown had fought outside of London as a pro was Swindon.

But on Thursday (October 15) he dropped Chudinov on his way to taking a wide unanimous decision after eight rounds.

“It was a good experience. People were worried about us going out there but it was perfect, great,” Brown told Boxing News. “At the same time as an amateur I’ve also boxed in Denmark. I went out to Italy and places like that.

“It was a bit risky but I [thought] I’m going to take the risk because I haven’t boxed in a year and I’ve been training for a whole year. I thought I’d take it and I thought I could win it.

“I was training throughout the whole year just hoping something would come up. So when it did, I was excited. I was just ready to go.”

It’s a risk he felt he had to take. The coronavirus pandemic has shut down the small hall circuit in Britain. Brown could do with getting paid and having a contest, but his opportunities to do just that had been drastically reduced. Now he’s happy to say he’s returned home, without contracting Covid and with a win to take his record to 9-0. “I dropped him in the second round, later I thought I rushed it, I tried to get him out of there. I rushed it a bit too much,” Germaine said. “We knew he was tough and he was going to come forward. He was going to take shots and still try to put it on me. We were expecting that, that’s what I trained for. So we were prepared, we were more than prepared for it.

“There was a point where I was a bit worried [about getting the decision. But] I was so confident in my performance I was thinking there’s no way.

“I did want to get the stoppage but at the same time I’m happy I got the rounds after a year out of boxing. So it was good.”

His hope now is that this win creates more opportunities for him. “Now we’ve got this out the way, we’ll see what happens.”