Feature | Nov 18 2016

The mysterious Richard Schaefer-Al Haymon relationship

Richard Schaefer reveals why he admires Al Haymon and how he hopes to work with him
richard schaefer
richard schaefer  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

WHEN Richard Schaefer walked away from Golden Boy Promotions in 2014, it wasn’t exactly in a blaze of glory. The former Swiss banker found himself being sued by the promotional team he had guided to the top of world boxing, the consequences of which kept Schaefer – rightly proud of all that he achieved at GBP – out of boxing for two years.

In that time, Al Haymon surged to prominence – as much as an immensely private man can, at least – as he signed an array of talent, much of it once inked to GBP, and orchestrated the highly lucrative finale to Floyd Mayweather’s career. Amid it all, rumours began to build that Schaefer had long been plotting with Haymon to set up an all-conquering promotional brand.

But while Schaefer will work closely with Haymon, he insists his new Ringstar Sports promotional brand is his, and his only.