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The rare dominance of Ukashir Farooq

Ukashir Farooq destroys Duane Winters and lines up Lee McGregor next. Oliver Fennell reports from ringside
Ukashir Farooq
Manjit Narotra
Glasgow • August 18

DESPITE – or perhaps because of – the glut of alternative titles available to Britain’s boxers, the Lord Lonsdale Challenge Belt remains one of the sport’s most coveted prizes.

But the requirement for four British title fight wins to take home the hardware means many national champions move on before securing its permanent ownership – especially if they appear destined for international honours, which bantamweight incumbent Ukashir Farooq most certainly does.

The undefeated Glaswegian has observers predicting big things, but he has always said he wanted to win the Lonsdale belt outright, and has set about the task like a man in a hurry. He has completed the task in less than 11 months, and in a manner of rare dominance at this level.