Issue | Opinion | Premium | Jun 11 2019

The Panel on Warrington-Galahad and Fury-Schwarz

Our expert panel on Fury-Schwarz and Warrington-Galahad
Warrington-Galahad Fury-Schwarz
Action Images/Reuters/Lee Smith

How do you see Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad playing out?

Andy Clarke (Boxing commentator)
I think it’ll be a very rough, hard fight. I’m picking Warrington to win but Galahad, who’s a very physically strong fighter, will drag him through the mud. I expect it to be close and we could well see points deductions.

Wayne Alexander (Former EBU champion)
Before his (drug) ban, I rated Galahad and thought he had great potential to be a world champion. Josh is as tough as they come and relies on his work ethic and durability, but I believe Galahad has the better skills. I think he wins a close, hard and exciting fight on points.


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