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The Panel on Warrington-Galahad and Fury-Schwarz

Warrington-Galahad Fury-Schwarz
Action Images/Reuters/Lee Smith
Our expert panel on Fury-Schwarz and Warrington-Galahad

How do you see Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad playing out?

Andy Clarke (Boxing commentator)
I think it’ll be a very rough, hard fight. I’m picking Warrington to win but Galahad, who’s a very physically strong fighter, will drag him through the mud. I expect it to be close and we could well see points deductions.

Wayne Alexander (Former EBU champion)
Before his (drug) ban, I rated Galahad and thought he had great potential to be a world champion. Josh is as tough as they come and relies on his work ethic and durability, but I believe Galahad has the better skills. I think he wins a close, hard and exciting fight on points.

Gareth A. Davies (Boxing journalist)
I see Warrington having too much for Galahad, but it will be a highly entertaining fight. Warrington’s work-rate and relentlessness will keep him ahead in the contest and gain him a points victory in my view.

Lyon Woodstock (Super-feather contender)
A good, close fight. I’m a big Lee Selby fan and didn’t give Josh a chance of beating him. After seeing him win, though, I changed my mind on Josh. You can’t write him off. I’ve sparred Galahad quite a few times and he is a great operator, but I think Josh wins on points.

How interested are you in Tyson Fury’s fight against Tom Schwarz this weekend?

Andy Clarke
Probably not enough to stay up and watch it but only because I don’t see any possible way that Schwarz can win a single minute. Schwarz is totally out of his depth against Fury who will do exactly as he pleases.

Wayne Alexander
I must admit I don’t have much interest in Tyson Fury vs. Tom Schwarz. I don’t think many people had heard of Schwarz until this match was made. Tom has an unbeaten record, which looks good, but it seems a bit padded with no known world-class fighters. Still, as a boxing fan, I will watch it.

Gareth A. Davies
Huge, especially in the wake of Anthony Joshua’s capitulation. There are wider forces at work in the big picture here, and Fury has to make a statement on his Las Vegas debut. With Bob Arum on home turf, and ESPN pushing it, it’s a big event. Heavyweight boxing can’t afford another major upset.

Lyon Woodstock
I’ve never heard of this Tom Schwarz guy. What I do know is that Tyson Fury has the best boxing ability in the heavyweight division. So, if this guy is small, he will lose. If he is big, he will also lose because Tyson Fury is the best boxer in the entire division.

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