Editor's letter | Highlight 2 | Issue | Premium | Aug 20 2019

The ‘master genius’ behind Anthony Yarde

Matt Christie on the unique methods of Anthony Yarde and Tunde Ajayi
Anthony Yarde
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

SHOULD Anthony Yarde fulfil his promise to knock out Russian dynamo Sergey Kovalev this weekend, then expect the legend of Tunde Ajayi, the Londoner’s mischievous yet wildly positive trainer, to be born almost overnight.

The self-proclaimed “Master Genius” has been preaching his methods for a long time. They have led to much annoyance within boxing circles because they are so different to anything we’ve heard before. Ajayi doesn’t whisper his beliefs either, he shouts and sings them. He smiles a lot, he sniggers too, amused that we don’t quite get it. But he always makes himself heard. Indeed, if there was any trepidation on his part about ending up with egg on his face, he’s doing an exemplary job of hiding it.

It’s that confidence that makes him worth listening to, even if you don’t completely agree with what he’s saying. While a deranged street preacher wailing down your ear about the impending end of the world makes you turn your head and walk the other way, Ajayi’s thoughts on the brutal business of boxing are laced with enough logic to actually make you stop and think.