Feature | Sep 10 2015

The making of Anthony Joshua

John Oliver and Tony Sims tell George Gigney how Anthony Joshua has gone from amateur novice to hot professional prospect
O2-JOSHUA-JOHNSON69  |  Lawrence Lustig/Matchroom


HE was just a class act from day one. It’s a dream for every trainer, doesn’t matter who it is, they are looking for that type of fighter to come through the door. I’ve never seen anybody like that. I go right the way back to the days of Cassius Clay, I was boxing myself in those days. I was in the gymnasium when Cassius Clay walked in and I’d never seen anyone with the kind of physique Clay had, until Anthony Joshua walked into the gym. The movement, the ability, it’s just natural – you can’t train that.

He was always asking questions as well. He was just one of those boys that developed all the time. If he was 100 per cent, he wanted to be 110 per cent. He studies boxing, but he’s an athlete, he’s not just a boxer. He is very, very fast on his feet, he dances well, moves well.