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The ‘long counts’ and the course of history

Jack Hirsch investigates the ‘long counts’ that occurred during Buster Douglas’ win over Mike Tyson this week in 1990 and Gene Tunney’s rematch victory against Jack Dempsey in 1927. Did they change the course of history?
mike tyson vs james buster douglas
Action Images/Reuters/Masaharu Hatano

WE are not exactly talking equality here. No one ever does lest they destroy legendary tales which we have grown to worship. Myths perpetuated over time become nearly impossible to dispel not because we can’t, but because we don’t want to.

One thing is for certain though and will never change, is that boxing’s rich history is engulfed with a series of double standards from which we conveniently look the other way rather than expose. And the biggest one of all are two long counts, one historic and the other that should have been but we didn’t allow it to be. Here we explore both.