Editor's letter | Issue | Premium | Aug 27 2019

The lessons Andy Ruiz should learn

The uproar about Andy Ruiz’s birthday party is unnecessary… at least for now
Andy Ruiz
Mexican amateur

ANDY RUIZ JNR turned 30 last week and he had a party to celebrate. Yes, that’s right, a grown man celebrated his birthday with his friends. The same grown man who nearly three months ago scored one of the biggest upsets in boxing history to win three world heavyweight belts and millions and millions of dollars. Cue utter outrage. Ruiz should know better than to host a shindig with women serving sushi off their naked bodies! Ruiz should be in the gym, not shaking his behind to the music!

Fighters, particularly big winners in big fights, have been doing this kind of thing for years. The difference now, of course, is that we have camera phones and social media where shaky video footage becomes ‘news’ quicker than Ruiz can blow out his candles.

But the issue is not that Ruiz was enjoying himself – and goodness me, he’s earned the right – it’s that only days before he turned 30, and hosted the kind of party we all wish we could have hosted when we turned 30, he confirmed that he would be going to Saudi Arabia in December to give Anthony Joshua his rematch. Therefore, said the cynics, he’s not taking the fight seriously because he’s not yet in training. That’s really for him to decide, really, but knuckling down now, with 14 weeks remaining before the opening bell of their fascinating sequel, surely gives the affable fellow ample time to prepare.