History | Oct 28 2017

The most anticipated heavyweight fights in history

Nothing grips the sporting world more than a huge heavyweight fight. Bob Mee looks back over some of the most-anticipated title clashes in history
heavyweight fight
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SINCE the day over a hundred years ago, when Tex Rickard guaranteed Jack Johnson and James J Jeffries $101,000 each and two-thirds of the movie rights, plus $10,000 each as a signing-on fee, there has been nothing in boxing to rival the anticipation of a heavyweight championship fight.

That day in Meyer’s Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey, when Rickard outbid ‘Tuxedo’ Eddie Graney and ‘Sunny’ Jim Coffroth from San Francisco, ‘Uncle’ Tom McCarey of Los Angeles and the Australian, Hugh McIntosh, took heavyweight boxing into the modern era.

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