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The heavyweight form guide

After several thrilling bouts, the heavyweight division might just have entered that golden era we’ve been dreaming of. Matt Christie examines the current field
heavyweight Tyson Fury
Action Images/REUTERS/Mike Segar

England, 30 years old, 28-0-1 (20)

Last Fight:
An impressive two-round blitzing of Germany’s Tom Schwarz hopefully achieved two things: Firstly, the exhibition makes Fury a top attraction in the USA and, secondly, it should lead to the sacking of whoever in the WBO ratings committee sanctioned Schwarz’s placement at No. 2 in the world.

Tyson Fury
Fury is in control against Schwarz Action Images/REUTERS/Mike Segar

Next Fight:
With a rematch against WBC champion Deontay Wilder in the offing for early next year, Tyson is expected to return on September 28 in New York. The disgraced Jarrell Miller is among the favourites to get the gig even though he should not be allowed near a boxing ring. Sadly, in 2019, it’s sellable. Add to that Fury likely bamboozling Miller and you can see why Top Rank would make it. However, Bob Arum has suggested that Fury might now wait until the Wilder fight becomes available before fighting again. Keeping Fury out of action does not seem the wisest plan, however.

Best Attribute:
Aside from the charisma he oozes when in the right mood, Fury’s boxing skills are the best in the division. He gets the most out of his 6ft 9ins frame while remaining light on his feet, and can whack when he plants them. That ability to switch stances at any moment might just be the ace in his pack. Oh, and having Top Rank overseeing his development in the USA isn’t too shabby, either.

Worst Attribute:
Reliance on his reactions. He can lose concentration, he showboats too much, and, on occassion, he stands square on. All minor gripes but even Schwarz tagged him a few times.

In Ben Davsion, Fury has found the perfect match. Plenty doubted the young coach when he was initially installed, but he has exceeded all expectation.

Could come unstuck against:
Wilder. Though Fury contained him for much of their 2018 bout, he failed to when it mattered the most. But perhaps the biggest rival to Fury is Fury himself; the former heavyweight champion must retain his desire and focus and not get distracted outside of the ring.

Hall of Fame bound?
If he beats Wilder next year you might as well start engraving the plaque.


USA, 33 years old, 41-0-1 (40)

Last Fight:
In the space of 137 furious seconds, Wilder showed off his best and worst, hurting Dominic Breazeale early only to get overzealous and tagged himself, before ending matters with one humongous swipe of his right.

deontay wilder