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The Greatest Showman – Tyson Fury in Las Vegas

Tyson Fury puts on the style in and out of the ring as he crushes Schwarz. Declan Taylor reports from Las Vegas
Tyson Fury
Mikey Williams/Top Rank
Las Vegas, NV • June 15

AS Tyson Fury and his wife Paris made their way to the MGM Grand on Saturday afternoon, past the dozens of billboards from which the Gypsy King’s giant face stared down, he was finally able to take it all in after a week of playing the main protagonist in the Mecca for all showmen. “I was in the car on the way to the venue with my wife,” Fury said. “I turned to her and said, ‘I think we made it, Paris’ and she asked ‘Why?’’ I said ‘Because we are headlining in Vegas. This is it.’”

Although the sentiment is understandable this was, in fact, only the beginning for Fury, who is slowly but surely laying the foundations on an almighty 30-month manoeuvre which might just make him the biggest star in the boxing world.

So impressed were broadcasting behemoths ESPN by Fury’s miraculous 12th-round recovery against Deontay Wilder on December 1, not to mention the supporting fanfare, that they offered him around $100m to be the face of their boxing output.

Tyson Fury has his name in lights in Las Vegas Action Images/REUTERS/Mike Segar