Opinion | Sep 18 2014

The good, the bad, and the ugly: What did we learn from Floyd Mayweather’s rematch with Marcos Maidana?

Matt Christie breaks down the positives and negatives from Floyd Mayweather's most recent outing and speculates on what lies ahead

The Good:
FLOYD MAYWEATHER turned in a polished performance, and beat Marcos Maidana more comfortably this time. The Mayweather haters – and there are plenty of them – may wonder why this is good news, but for as long as Floyd is at the top, riding his unbeaten record into every fight, the healthier the sport will be. No one, Manny Pacquiao included, can generate the interest in boxing that Floyd can. And whatever one’s opinion on Floyd the human being, they should not attempt to deny his brilliance as an athlete. His dedication and talents should be admired. Quite simply, he is one of the greatest athletes of this century.

IT can be argued that Mayweather’s victory was also good for the aforementioned who are craving his first defeat. Although there was no question he was the better man, there are signs that he is gradually slowing down, so anyone desperate for “Money” to come unstuck, will remain engrossed in the superstar’s incredible journey for as long as it lasts.

DUE to Mayweather’s status as sport’s richest, and most invincible, each of his fights are huge events. Thousands queued – some for 12 hours – to watch Mayweather disrobe and plonk his ripped frame on the scales on Friday afternoon, and over 16,000 were in attendance come fight night. The 37-year-old turns the MGM Grand into one massive Mayweather party when he’s fighting there, and both Floyd and promoter’s Golden Boy, deserve credit for that.


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