Opinion | Jan 02 2018

The five greatest chins in boxing history

James Slater appraises the toughest fighters in boxing history and rate the top five greatest chins
Jake LaMotta

SOME extremely tough and durable men have graced the ring throughout the long history of boxing; men who were able to take punches that would have made a mere mortal crumble, snap, break, collapse, never to get up again, and, well, you get the point.

Some fighters, whether they were world champions or not, were almost frighteningly tough when it came to the punches, and the amount of them, they were able to take. So who had THE greatest chin in all of boxing history? Of course it’s down to opinion and nothing more, and we all know how plenty of people – fight fans, experts and historians – have compiled many ‘Greatest Chin’ lists over the years.

Here’s another top five you may or may not agree with:


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