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The fighter of the decade

Floyd Mayweather
The top five fighters of the decade

NOT everyone’s cup of tea, Mayweather took the dominance he enjoyed at the close of the previous decade and, at times quite literally, ran with it. “Money” provided lessons to many with his shameless self-marketing as he embraced the social media age, but it was in the ring where his brilliance really inspired.

⚡️ Floyd Mayweather

Posted by Fighting Fit on Wednesday, 23 October 2019

His defensive skills were among the best the sport has ever produced and in offence, though underrated in that area, he rarely wasted a punch. Throw in the names of Mayweather’s victims as he closed in on 50-0 – Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Marcos Maidana, Canelo Alvarez, and Manny Pacquiao (a result that continues to improve for every subsequent year that the Filipino remains a force at elite level) – and you have the best fighter of the decade.

Floyd Mayweather Workout
Esther Lin/Showtime

PACQUIAO’S five losses in the decade prevent him from nabbing the top spot here but the way he bounced back from each of them say more about this Filipino wonder increasingly astonishing longevity. Wins over Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley, Adrien Broner and Keith Thurman tell the story of a fighter whose greatness has endured, and will do so for many, many years.

Manny Pacquiao
Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

THE high-profile drug test failure blots his copybook, but the Mexican won titles in three weight classes from 154 to 175lbs. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Canelo is the improvements he’s shown since losing widely to Floyd Mayweather in 2013. He sought out Erislandy Lara to further his education in 2014 and more recently he (controversially) ousted Gennady Golovkin from the middleweight throne before knocking out Sergey Kovalev at light-heavyweight to win a world title in that division.

fighter of the decade

CRIMINALLY underappreciated, Ward cleaned up at super-middleweight (handily defeating Carl Froch, Mikkel Kessler and Arthur Abraham among others) before rising in weight and, unlike many other fighters who journey upwards, challenging the very best his new division had to offer. There was controversy in the Sergey Kovalev rivalry but, while beating the Russian twice, Ward reached another pinnacle in his career.

andre ward fighter of the decade
Stacey Verbeek

THE wizardry of the Ukrainian continues to seduce new fans to the sport. A brilliant amateur career saw him win two Olympic gold medals before progressing through the professional ranks at breakneck speed. He wrecks his opponents’ fighting spirit while creating outrageous punching angles to dish out his spite. Currently the most talented boxer in the world by some distance.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell
Action Images/Reuters/Andrew Couldridge


  1. Carl Froch
  2. Anthony Joshua
  3. Tyson Fury
  4. Carl Frampton
  5. Amir Khan


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  • Come-on now who did Floyd beat at 2010s? Marquez a featherweight? Maidana who was beaten by Khan and was schooled 12-0 rounds by alexander? A 22 year old canelo who he fight At 152 even though canelo can barely make 154? Berto? Ortiz who he koed while Ortiz was apologizing? Or a scam of a desicion against pacquiao?

  • An Alternative View…..
    (A) Floyd did NOT challenge himself ever at 147lbs and was able to cherry pick opponents even in a weak era. He waited 5 years until Manny Pacquiao was well past his dangerous best to take him on (suspicious circumstances even when he did). He didn’t have to defend belts or take on mandatory challengers and was even allowed to get to 50 – 0 and pass Marciano’s figures by fighting a UFC star who had never boxed. Surely all this makes him a ridiculous choice for #1.
    (B) Many of the disgraceful aspects involved in Floyd’s career are now being enjoyed by #3 Canelo and I object just as much to this charlatan, for the same reasons as I do to Floyd. BTW Canelo was only 22 when he fought Floyd and nowhere near his prime and so of course he’s improved since then.
    (C) At #4 we have Andre Ward who increased the number, and seriousness, of his fouls in line with how good the opponent was in front of him eg: Froch, Rodriguez, Bika, Kovalev (especially the 1st fight) and he did this in clear view of referees, judges and press without any of them declaring that his methods were against the rules of boxing – which they so clearly were.
    The most damning indictment of boxing in the US is that these 3 star boxers were allowed to get away with their various misdemeanors, unfair advantages, etc., without objections from a single commission, sanctioning body or the majority of the US boxing press. The UK boxing press is likewise guilty of being conveniently deaf, dumb and blind to what these stars of US boxing kept getting away with.

    • In terms of resume pacman should be the the leading candidate. In 2010 he demolished prime Margo to achieved his 8 div champion. A way bigger fighter and ducked by mayweather. Pacquiao is not a natural ww he is just a 135 to 140 div at its best but battled to 154 pds div. A very remarkable feat in the history of boxing. He made history by becoming the only 8 div champ.
      In 2016 pacman became the first and only 5 lineal champ in the history of boxing when he defeated bradley. Bradley that time was pound and top 10 prime and elite. Another unbelievable achievement.
      In 2019 pacquiao became the oldest ww in the history of boxing when defeated the undefeated. Thurman is longest reigning ww elite and prime 10 years younger ducked by mayweather thay time as well.
      Mayweather wins against pacman is questionable and he could not be given that much credit. Firstly he fought pacman when he was no longer prime. When pacman got knockout by marquez and lost his killer instint. During their fight he avoided 5 million dollar penalty for illegal positve drug test. He was caught red handed using iv fluid and the boxing governing body did not do enough. They pretend to thay mayweather did nothing wrong. A boxer of may’s caliber and will have the greatest fight of his boxing career cant be dehydrated. Mayweather always fight in his homecourt. Everytime he fights he made sure that everything is onhis favor. Like when he fought maidana. He paid millions to use a diff gloves. If the fight was done in a diff country do you think he does bot have losses?


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