News | Sep 04 2017

Former Antonio Margarito opponent says, ‘I would love another crack at this piece of s**t’

Antonio Margarito involved in yet another controversy
antonio margarito
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ANTONIO MARGARITO is doing little to endear himself to the sport he cheated so disgracefully in 2009 – when loaded wraps were found beneath his gloves prior to his loss to Shane Mosley – as he emerged from being hammered by Carson Jones with his arms aloft in victory.

Back in 2010, the Mexican lost a wide decision to Manny Pacquiao and suffered serious injury to that eye in the process. It kept him out of the ring for over a year before he was thrashed by Miguel Cotto, an old rival Margarito defeated while very possibly wearing loaded gloves in 2008. The damage to Margarito’s eye kept him out of the ring until last year. Some reports have suggested the eye is in no condition to stand up to the rigours of fighting, and many more believe Margarito shouldn’t be allowed any where near a boxing ring anyway, given his past crimes.

Antonio Margarito
 TAINTED GLOVES: Antonio Margarito celebrates after beating Cotto


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