Feature | Nov 10 2019

The Drunken Master: Emanuel Augustus, Floyd Mayweather’s toughest opponent, survived a bullet to the head

In 2014, a shooting changed Emanuel Augustus' life forever. Now he spends his days trying to remember how to survive, Thomas Gerbasi discovers
Emanuel Augustus

EMANUEL AUGUSTUS is having a good day. He’s less than a week removed from a trip to Manchester, New Hampshire, where he reunited with an old rival, Micky Ward, to celebrate their 2001 bout, one that earned Fight of the Year honours from around the boxing world.

He’s still buzzing about the event as he settles into the passenger seat for his daily trip with longtime friend LJ Morvant to the Beat 2 Sleep gym in his hometown of Baton Rouge.

“I’m still getting over our field trip to go and see Micky Ward,” Augustus said. “It was outstanding, it was shocking. You talk about missing your brother. It was just that serious. We weren’t raised together, but it’s just like we were.”


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