Feature | Highlight 4 | Issue | Premium | Nov 18 2019

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Jerry “Wimpy” Halstead won 85 fights but lost to the world’s best heavyweights

Thomas Gerbasi tracks down Jerry Halstead, a man served up for rising heavyweights of the 80s and 90s before retirement threatened to swallow him whole
Jerry Halstead

BORN, raised and still living in Oklahoma, Jerry “Wimpy” Halstead doesn’t scare easy. So don’t ask him how he deals with the reality of life-threatening weather in his home state.

“Those tornadoes aren’t nothing, man,” he chuckles. “I’ve lived with them all my life. It’s all pretty normal stuff around here.”

That fearlessness could be a testament to having competed in over a hundred professional boxing matches, or maybe it’s because he’s lived through worse experiences than whatever some wind and rain can bring him. Whatever it is, the 56-year-old Halstead is a survivor. He knows it and he’s thankful for it.


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