Issue | Premium | Preview | Jul 30 2019

The dangers of father time will always be ignored by fighters like Jean Pascal

Why Marcus Browne looks likely to punish Jean Pascal in Brooklyn
Pascal and Browne get heated  |  Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

IT’S commonplace for boxers at the end of their careers to get chances their current form has done little to merit. A perfect case in point is Jean Pascal, 36 years old, one noteworthy win in five years (way back in 2014 against Lucian Bute) with four noteworthy losses since, but never further than one victory away from a title shot.

Those who argue it’s a symptom of the modern era and the plentiful belts on offer would have a sound argument but – in truth – the ageing former world champion, with the promise of one more chance ringing in their ears, have always been fed to up-and-comers in their wilderness years.

And it’s hard to blame them for taking the chance, despite the stacked odds against them and the risk to their health, given the long retirement ahead. No one should be too hard on Pascal – once a supreme fighting machine – for taking this shot at southpaw, Marcus Browne.