Opinion | Apr 19 2019

The case for Amir Khan

Could Amir Khan actually beat Terence Crawford? Jack Hirsch considers the case for Amir Khan
Amir Khan
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

THE most guilty of men have litigators representing them in making a case of why they are not. Amir Khan’s crime is that he apparently is not good enough to beat Terence Crawford tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden. All the evidence is stacked against him. Crawford after all is in many peoples view the best fighter in the world pound-for-pound. A recent poll of 23 writers all had Crawford winning. And even promoter Bob Arum did not exactly endorse Khan’s chances when he said that the day after the match he will get on the phone and call Al Haymon to try and make a Crawford- Errol Spence fight.

Want more: Khan is back with trainer Virgil Hunter who is a father figure to Andre Ward. Yet as much as Ward would like to see Hunter have success with Khan, he too has politely dismissed Khan’s chances by minimizing the role his mentor will play in the fight.

Not all litigators believe in their client’s innocence, yet it is their job to give them the best representation possible. Conversely, I don’t believe Khan will defeat Crawford, feeling he will get stopped in nine rounds or so, but if a case were to be made for him it would go along the lines of what if.