Bunce Diaries | Highlight 5 | Issue | Premium | Nov 18 2019

The Bunce Diaries: Proper boxing gyms, fight films and Ladies Who Punch

In his latest BN diary, Steve Bunce emphasises the importance of old-school boxing gyms and says the sport is currently a go-to subject for filmmakers
Fitzroy Lodge ABC

THERE was once an office at the back of the Fitzroy Lodge Amateur Boxing Club in Lambeth and that is where the club secretary went about his work. It was very formal and if you were invited in there it mostly meant you were in trouble.

The office is long gone, demolished one night by former Lodge boxer and professional trainer Howard Rainey – Big Howard took Colin McMillan all the way to a rare world title at the time and had his moments with Val Golding and Terry Dunstan. Rainey constructed an upstairs area from the rubble, built on dubious permission at best and for about thirty years the upstairs area has been part of the ancient railway arch.

Mark Reigate has been in charge at the Lodge since Mick Carney’s death in 2011 and he told me last week, during a visit, that there is some new money available to build two proper changing rooms, demolish the dodgy upstairs part and drag the place kicking and screaming from the last century.


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