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The bizarre controversy over Tyson Fury’s gloves

Tyson Fury
Fury sends Wilder to the canvas Mikey Williams/Top Rank
Tony Jeffries analyses another glove-gate, the mysterious Tyson Fury allegation...

ON this video I talk about the controversy over Tysons Fury’s glove ‘problem in his fight with Deontay Wilder.

Since the fight social media, internet forums and boxing websites have been blowing up, talking about the way Tyson had his hand in the glove to give him the advantage over Wilder. 

Most of these, or should I say just about all of these, people who are accusing Fury of cheating are Wilder fans or Americans. I’ve never heard one thing come from Wilder or Wilder’s camp on this.

This is the first time in my 25 years of boxing experience I’ve seen anyone accused of cheating in this way. So is Fury re-inventing the wheel in with this or is there just bitterness at an unexpectedly dominant performance?

My social media has been blowing up with people asking me about this; if it is true and if I can do a video to explain it… So here is the video, check it out, I would love your feedback on thoughts on this:


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  • Americans are such shit losers. That’s all this is.

    Hands and gloves are wrapped under official supervision every time. How could anything like this ever happen.

    What next ? Originally I wasn’t keen on third fight, but I think it now needs to happen, to finally prove for the THIRD time running, that Fury is future hall of famer

    • agreed, all of the crap I have been reading from Wilder fan boys is laughable. social media keyboard warriors with clearly zero boxing knowledge making claims which literally nobody in the boxing world agrees with. Wilder lost end of story, he was relying on his right hand all through the fight but was completely outclassed.

    • This is just noise from the Americans wanting a third fight, which doesn’t need to happen.
      Possibly a sales angle to generate interest along with Wilder’s weight costumegate.


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