Opinion | Oct 31 2019

The biggest characters in recent British boxing history

Martin Potter takes a look at British boxing’s biggest characters over the last 30 years
British boxing
Action Images/John Sibley

LOVE him or hate him, Tyson Fury is currently riding a wave of popularity driven as much by force of personality as by his in ring exploits, writes Martin Potter. Past controversial comments on religion and sexuality, a PED ban and cocaine use, mixed with an inspirational comeback from depression and extreme weight gain, turning up at press conferences dressed as Batman, post fight singing and now a wrestling appearance have made Fury a hero for some and a hate figure for others. But whether you accept Tyson Fury’s lineal title claim or not, what can’t be denied is his claim to currently be the biggest character in British boxing. Here I take a look at some of the other huge characters in recent British boxing history:

Frank Bruno

‘Big’ Frank is arguably the most beloved and well known boxer in the history of British boxing. Unlike some of the other fighters on this list, Frank was never a polarising personality; he was – and still is – loved throughout the UK.


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