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The Big Question: How interested are you in the boxing match between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul?

Melina Pizano/Matchroom Boxing USA
KSI and Logan Paul will make the move from YouTube to the pro boxing ring this Saturday, but should their fight be celebrated or ignored?


Wayne Alexander (Former European super-welterweight champion)

I’m not interested at all. Anyone is entitled to lace up the gloves if they want to but there are levels and these two are white-collar level and haven’t earned the right to call themselves professional fighters, let alone headline over a world title fight. The internet is a good thing, but it can make people think that they are ‘superstars’ when they’re not.

Callum Johnson (Former British and Commonwealth light-heavyweight champion)

Doesn’t interest me at all but I would watch it if it was on and I was doing nothing else. A lot of people moan they get all this exposure that most boxers work towards all their life and don’t get anywhere near, but good luck to them. They have created their own hype, so they fully deserve it.

Declan Warrington (Boxing journalist)

Precisely none. The only way I’ll end up paying any attention at all is if I’m told there’s a comical knockout that shouldn’t be missed. I understand the appeal for those involved, but I hope it’s the last of these types of fights we see.

Ryan Walsh (Current British featherweight champion)

Happy to say I’ll be in Disneyland Paris when that novelty takes place. I’ll hopefully find some YouTube footage of the undercard. I like Billy Joe Saunders and I’m interested to see how Devin Haney gets on. As for the fight between YouTubers, I didn’t watch the first and I won’t watch the second, but my kids will no doubt tell me the result.

Conor McGregor
Boxing has had its share of freak show fights (Action Images)

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  • The main event is a celebrity fight of sorts. I actually have never heard of either guy but from a business sense it will probably be a good draw. The undercard does attract my attention though. I just look at the main event as a preliminary fight that is just moved to the end. I really don’t have to watch it if I choose not to. It’s all cool. Business as usual.


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