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The best of James Toney

James Toney, born on this day in 1968, discusses eight of his best performances
James Toney
Action Images/REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Sam Morris

Michael Nunn (W RSF 11)
Davenport, IA (May 10, 1991)
I was losing to Nunn because I lost the focus of what I went in there for – to win the [IBF 160lb] world title – and was trying to knock him out with one shot. [Trainer] Bill [Miller] said: ‘We didn’t come up here for this. Do what we did in the training camp.’ Once I got back into my game plan, I started to bring him down. I knew after the 10th that in one more round he’d be gone.

Mike McCallum I (D PTS 12)
Atlantic City, NJ (Dec 13, 1991)

I won that fight. They just saved him for another one with the draw. He knows who won. Mike was the best fighter I ever fought. Before I fought him, I was not as cute as I was after we fought. Everything he did made me think and work.

Iran Barkley (W RTD 9)
Las Vegas, NV (Feb 13, 1993)

Iran did a lot of talking, trying to intimidate me, but you can’t intimidate the intimidator or bully the bully. I’m not a bully in the sense of trying to bully average people. I’m a bully for a living and I love it. I sent him home crying.