Amateur | Feature | Dec 06 2017

The best boxers to come out of the Commonwealth Games

Chris Kempson presents a brief history of boxing at the Commonwealth Games
Barry McGuigan sparring in 1985 Action Images

AMERICAN men remain top of the boxing medal table at the Summer Olympics. Cuban men dominate the World championships medal haul; while England’s men reign supreme in the Commonwealth Games ring medal tally. Women only competed, for the first time, in the boxing ring at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.

Australia’ Gold Coast, situated in Brisbane, hosts the XX1 Commonwealth Games in April 2018. The Commonwealth Games as they are now known, take place every four years. Let us reflect for a moment or two on a brief history of the Games. They started in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in August  1930 and were known as the British Empire Games until 1950. From 1950 until 1966 they were cast as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games; while in 1970 and 1974 they were called the British Commonwealth Games. From 1978 they have simply been recognised as the Commonwealth Games (or overall for the purpose of these columns simply described as the “Games”).

Boxing has been included in the Games sporting programme since the inaugural days. It is a core sport and must be included in the sporting programme of each Games. At the inaugural Games in 1930, England won five of the eight titles and apart from a few barren Games, England has remained in that pole medal position.