Fitness | Training | Jul 31 2017

The benefits of boxing training

Tony Jeffries on the popularity of boxing training in California
boxing training
Andre Berto - Training Camp_04_22_2017_Training camp_Stephanie Trapp _ Team Berto _ Premier Boxing Champi  |  Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

WHEN most people who are not fans of boxing used to think of boxing they would think of knockouts, Mike Tyson biting ears, that famous picture of Muhammed Ali knocking out Sonny Liston, maybe Naseem Hammed coming to the ring on a flying carpet.

But over the last few years, boxing for fitness is probably one of the most popular workouts there is!

We see female models doing boxing training as well as most of the biggest celebrities, they do it for a reason, which is not being punched in the face but to sculpt their body and more…


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