6. Terrible Terry McGovern

Terrible Terry was the pocket-sized Mike Tyson of his era. Bulldog built, the sawn-off slugger was a bundle of fury, terrorising the featherweight division during the early 1900s.

The Pennsylvania puncher ripped the title from George Dixon in 1900, but, during the lawless dawn of the gloved era, his was a championship reign marred by controversy.

The fact McGovern was from Irish stock ensured he got the breaks.

He disposed of challenger Aurelio Herrera in five rounds, though Herrera later claimed he was drugged during the fight.

Joe Gans lasted two rounds, but swore he threw the fight.

McGovern lost his title to Young Corbett II in two rounds on November 28, 1901, the cocky challenger winding-up Terry so much that the enraged champ forgot about defence. He simply rushed out with the intention of separating Corbett from his senses and got nailed.

Corbett also won their rematch.

McGovern won 65 of 80 bouts. Much of his short life after boxing was spent in mental institutions, his brain damaged by the blows he’d taken.

He died, aged just 37, in 1918.

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